Termites Control

The only kind of termite that we have to worry about in this area is the Eastern Subterranean termite. They live underground and must stay covered from open air and sunlight to live. They will come up from the ground and eat cellulose material, wood, paper, ect. In the spring they will “swarm”. Swarming termites look kind of like flying ants. (Insert pictures). They can swarm out of just about anywhere, I’ve seen them coming out of the ground, cracks in the sidewalk and trees. Unfortunately I’ve also seen them swarm out of houses that have an infestation. The most common areas that termites show up in homes are around plumbing, bath traps, dirt filled porches and expansion joints in the garage.
There are, according to Texas AM University, over 20 colonies of termites per square acre in this area. Which means they are pretty much everywhere. Anytime there is wood to ground contact, doghouses, wood piles, and such, termites will eventually find and start munching.
Treatment options are varied, but can be broken down into two different types of treatment.
Liquid chemical and baiting.
My preference to offer my customers is the liquid chemical treatments. The reason being that they are just as or more effective than the baiting treatments and work much faster. They are also more affordable for the customer.
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