Amarillo’s Choice for Residential Pest Control

Everyone wants to be able to come home to a pest free home! We offer all sorts of services to help keep your residence free of whatever pests you might be having trouble with. We have experience dealing with the following pests:

  • roaches
  • termites
  • fire ants
  • ants
  • bed bugs
  • rodents
  • spiders
  • ticks and fleas
  • mosquitoes
  • and more!

Upon arriving at your residence we’ll first assess the issues. We will do a thorough investigation of the interior of your home, looking for signs of pests that may or may not be visible to you. This is an important step because regardless of how clean you keep your home, there are always ways that pests can get in and cause problems. You may be aware of certain pests in your house and unaware of others. Unfortunately, there are sometimes pests in your home that you do not even know about!

After this initial inspection, we will look at the exterior of your home. We will search for evidence of pests and where or how they are getting inside your residence. The best way to prevent an infestation in your home is to prevent the pests from being able to enter in the first place. In addition to eliminating pests indoors, we create a perimeter around your dwelling so that pests are unable to pass into your home.

Each residence is unique, and though we follow the same basic protocol for each new home, we will customize the treatment and services that we provide to you based on what you need and what we see to be most effective in preventing pests from being a constant nuisance in your life.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service at the lowest possible price. That’s why we are constantly researching new kinds of treatment and learning different techniques. We want to use the safest, most effective treatments possible. We always want to prevent things from getting out of hand which is why our approach is very proactive. We believe that prevention is key when it comes to pest control.

Because everyone has different needs and different budgets, we offer flexible service and billing options. We can treat your property anywhere from biweekly to quarterly. We also offer payment options from payment for each treatment to yearly discounted rates. Because we are so adamant about doing good work and making sure you are satisfied, we will come to your home at no extra charge if you need treatment between scheduled visits.