Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying pests that we have to deal with during the balmy summer months. These pests are most notorious for their blood sucking tendencies. The female mosquito feeds on blood to help create eggs. Where there is shade and stagnant water, you can assume mosquitoes will be there. Some people think that mosquitoes only live in swampy areas, but that is not true. They can lay eggs in any kind of standing water- puddles, birdbaths, kiddie pools, and other small pools of water that are temporarily created by rain are great places for mosquitoes to reproduce. The pesky bugs are usually active from dawn until dusk and stay out of the hot sun. Not much can make a cool summer evening as unenjoyable as mosquitoes!

One thing you can do to lower your chances of having to deal with mosquitoes is to eliminate sources of standing water around your property. This is not always possible when the area around your home collects water easily, but if there are buckets or other vessels that may be filled with water after a rain, be sure to empty them out so you don’t create a home for the pests.

When you call Sniper for mosquito control we will take a look at your property and identify the places where mosquitoes might be spending their time. During the heat of the day, the bugs will likely hide out in shady vegetation. We focus on those shady “shelter” areas and any standing water. We will use an insecticide on their environment to eliminate places where they can reproduce as well as places that they can inhabit during the daytime hours.
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